Teenage eagle-huntress not to leave Mongolia for Kazakhstan

ASTANA. KAZINFORM Agalai Nurgaiv, father of the world-famous teenage eagle huntress Aisholpan, does not plan to move to Kazakhstan, ARD reported.

The Last Vestiges of Tradition: Mongolia

One might presume that images similar to the ones here are to be found everywhere in Mongolia but they’re not; it should be noted that the country is rapidly changing.

World’s Worst Air Has Mongolians Seeing Red, Planning Action

If you think air pollution in China has been bad, just look at Mongolia. Levels of particulate matter in the air have risen to almost 80 times the recommended safety level set by the World Health Organization -- and five times worse than Beijing during the past week’s bout with the worst smog of the year.

Empire of Tolerance

How the World’s Greatest Conqueror Gave Us Religious Freedom

How to stand up to China? Mongolia's got a playbook

The day before the Dalai Lama’s 18 November trip to Mongolia, Beijing issued a “strong demand” to its neighbour to cancel the visit of the “anti-Chinese separatist” or face (unstated) consequences. The Dalai Lama would be making his ninth visit to the sparsely populated nation of 3 million people, just to China’s north. Previous visits triggered retaliation from China, including the temporary closure of parts of the Sino-Mongolian border.

Here Are 31 Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photos From The Last Three Decades

Disclaimer: Photos are not necessarily from the same segment of Pulitzer categories, but have all won awards in their respective years.

25 years of loans and aid

Twenty-five years ago Mongolia’s economy was fully dependent on the Soviet Union. Following the collapse of the socialist system in Eastern Europe and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the 400 million USD USSR-Mongolia barter trade agreement dissolved in 1991. This cut 80 percent of Mongolia’s imports as a cold winter loomed. Our economy basically went bankrupt, and stores had only two things: shop clerks and salt.

How Do You Stand up to China? Ask Mongolia

The day before the Dalai Lama’s November 18 trip to Mongolia, Beijing issued a “strong demand” to its neighbor to cancel the visit of the “anti-Chinese separatist” or face (unstated) consequences.

Russian diplomat 'beat Mongolian rapper over Swastika outfit'

A top Mongolian rapper was beaten into a coma by a Russian diplomat after wearing a swastika on stage, his lawyer and family have claimed.

World’s Longest Traffic Jam Points to Mongolia Recovery

Over 60 kilometers, they line up: truck after truck, after truck. Nearly every one of them is laden with coal.

'Mongolia's Got Talent' Contestant Covers George Strait

Mongolia’s Got Talent contestant— and electrician— O.Enkh-Erdene has become a viral sensation after covering George Strait‘s classic 1983 hit “Amarillo By Morning”.

German Universities now all free of tuition fees for International Students

Universities in Germany are now free of tuition fees for all including international students. Yesterday, Lower Saxony became the last of seven German states to abolish their tuition fees, which were already extremely low.

Dalai Lama preaches in Mongolia, risking China’s fury

Dalai Lama, center, waves as he arrives at the Janraiseg temple of Gandantegchinlen monastery to greet Mongolian people in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016. Dalai Lama has preached to thousands of supporters Saturday in Mongolia on a visit set to test the country’s ties with its powerful neighbor, China. (Ganbat Namjilsangarav/Associated Press)

11 Striking Pictures of This Week's Supermoon

On November 13 and 14, the world is treated to the brightest supermoon in 68 years. And the pictures coming in are stunning (see above).

Coldest winter in 100 years awaits Mongolia

The German meteorologist Dominik Jung said the 2016-2017 winter season promises to be “unusually cold” ever recorded in last 100 years.

6 Reasons to Make Mongolia Your Next Travel Destination

If Mongolia isn’t at the top of your travel destinations right now, you’re not alone...

We’re about to see a record-breaking supermoon - the biggest in nearly 70 years

If you only see one astronomical event this year, make it the November supermoon, when the Moon will be the closest to Earth it’s been since January 1948.

Top countries to travel in 2017

Bolstered by the wave of positivity unleashed by its energetic new leader Justin Trudeau, and with dynamic cities that dominate global livability indices and a reputation for inclusiveness and impeccable politeness, the world’s second-largest country will usher in its sesquicentennial in 2017 in rollicking good health.

First and third visits

Mongolia’s last three Prime Ministers all started their foreign visits with Japan. Mongolia was the third country that the current Prime Minister of Japan visited. The heads of state of our two countries have established a trend of prioritizing each other when they visit other countries. It demonstrates the strong political and economic relations between the two countries and their significance under Mongolia’s third neighbor policy and Japan’s view of Mongolia as its most important partner in Northeast Asia. The first free-trade agreement Mongolia concluded was with Japan, and its implementation started this year. Our expectation is that this agreement will be influential in accelerating significant growth and positive changes in foreign trade and investment.

Rio CEO Says Mongolia Won’t Receive Mine Dividend for 10 Years

Rio Tinto Group said Mongolia won’t receive any dividend from the giant Oyu Tolgoi mine for 10 years as the world’s second-biggest mining company prioritizes completing a $5.3 billion underground expansion.




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