Why the Mongols were the greatest empire in world history

Why the Mongols were the greatest empire in world history

IMF Executive board approves financial arrangement for Mongolia

IMF Executive board approves financial arrangement for Mongolia

In Beijing, Vladimir Putin Plays Two Piano Tunes From His Childhood

In Beijing, Vladimir Putin Plays Two Piano Tunes From His Childhood

MAPS Student Develops Expertise on Mongolia

MAPS Student Develops Expertise on Mongolia

A 25-year-old CEO shares 9 career secrets every young person should know

A 25-year-old CEO shares 9 career secrets every young person should know

Mongolian woman mummy buried a thousand a years ago wearing 'ADIDAS boots' and with a knife that's still shiny died after a massive blow to the head

Experts have been analysing the body and belongings found a year ago Despite her luxurious posessions it appears she was a local seamstress And her distinctive red and black striped boots have now been restored Reserachers believe the head injury was the cause of the woman's death

Nightmare in Ulaanbataar : Gobi or not Gobi ?

Well, I’ll be straight forward and say that we had a horrible time in Ulaanbataar, quite like Nomadic Matt had in Vietnam. Why is that ?

Mongolia’s Small Country Diplomacy and North Korea

“Landlocked” Mongolia may become a problem solver in the Asia-Pacific. Whether its Ulaanbaatar’s small country diplomacy or its non-nuclear weapons state (NNWS) status, both regional and international actors recognize Mongolia’s accountability and transparency in the global political arena. Mongolia’s involvement in international peace missions, multilateral dialogues, and regional peace and security cooperation has marked both the country’s development and the openness of its foreign policy approaches.

An Italian doctor shocked the world: Cancer is a fungus that can be treated with baking soda

The usual antifungal drugs are ineffective against cancer as they only attack the surface of the cells. The main infection is more powerful than a single bacterium, which is why fungal infections last for so long. “I have identified the things that can attack these colonies of fungi – for cancer, it’s baking soda, and a iodine tincture is the best substance for skin cancer,” claims Dr. Simonchini. Many studies have confirmed baking soda’s intracellular action against cancer.

Far East Affairs: Mongolia and Japan

On February 24, 2017, Mongolia and Japan celebrated 45 years of diplomatic relations.

A Conversation With Mongolia's Foreign Minister Tsend Munkh-Orgil

In an exclusive interview, Mongolian Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Tsend Munkh-Orgil speaks with with The Diplomat’s Peter Bittner about last fall’s visit by the Dalai Lama and Mongolia-China relations, the MFA’s expectations for working with the Trump administration in the United States, Mongolia’s economic outlook, and Ulaanbaatar’s air pollution.

Growing New Teeth in the Mouth Using Stem-Cell Dental Implants

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER, NY, USA. Human molar scaffolding is a technique that directs the body’s stem cells into scaffolding that will assist in regenerating a new tooth. This innovation can immensely alleviate the need to go through the painful, expensive and tedious process of dental implants.

IMF Agrees Terms for $5 Billion Loan to Debt-ridden Mongolia

The International Monetary Fund and other partners have agreed on terms for a more than $5 billion loan to the Mongolian government to help get the north Asian country's economy back on track.

Why the Chinese military is only a paper dragon

In appearance it is very powerful, but in reality it is nothing to be afraid of — it is a paper tiger. — Mao Zedong on the United States, 1956

Border patrol seizes 42 pounds of horse meat, genitals

CHANTILLY, Va. (AP) – Customs and Border Protection agents have seized 42 pounds of horse meat, including 13 pounds of horse genitals, from two women arriving from Mongolia at Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

A history of love (and lust and sex) in 14 objects: a Valentine’s Day special

The Beatles sang 'All you need is love'. Curator Lloyd de Beer isn't convinced. There's also room for lust and sex, apparently...

This Map Reveals the Top 2017 Brands for each Country

You can probably rattle off the names of a few dozen countries around the world. But can you name each of those countries' biggest brands? Probably not. And yet, many of those brands have more money and power than most countries. So perhaps schools should teach less geography, more global brands. This map is a start.

From Sydney to Ulaanbaatar: Grace Brown’s new life in Mongolia

Mastering the art of riding a camel through the Gobi Desert while presenting a television show wasn’t exactly something Grace Brown imagined she would do in her lifetime.

The longest train journey

Six days and six nights on a Trans-Siberian expedition, retracing the ancient tea-caravan route from Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia.

Erdenet’s 49 percent stake is private ownership

In a democracy with a free market, the government is accountable for protecting public safety, human rights, and rights to personal property. Government institutions exist to allow this duty to be fulfilled, and the people directly select those who lead these institutions through elections.




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